The Towards Freedom series is an endeavour to document the years leading to Independence. It goes beyond the overtly political activities of the time and the notion of Independence as ‘transfer of power’. The volumes of this series underscore the fact that the struggle for Independence was not just about attaining freedom from a colonial power—it also comprised efforts to seek social justice, economic empowerment and cultural autonomy. With meticulously selected historical material from 1937 to 1947, the volumes bring to the fore the activities, attitudes and ideas of diverse sections of Indian society. The 1947 volume, published in three parts, covers the major socio-political processes of that fateful year. The first part highlights the main political events that took place in the three-way conflict between imperialist, nationalist and communal forces. The story continues in the second part, which takes up the partition award and the actual process of partition, the settlement of boundaries, the rehabilitation of refugees and the developments in the princely states. The third part brings to the fore themes such as the future of the Congress, peasants’ and workers’ struggles, caste, minorities, language and literature, the position of women, the economic consequences of partition, foreign relations and the celebrations of 15th August. In this part, the second in the 1947 volume, the story of India’s independence and partition unfurls through documents ranging from newspapers, private papers and letters, to speeches, maps, cartoons and colonial archives. The documents relate to the Constituent Assembly, the partition award, partition in Bengal and Punjab, the referendum in the Northwest Frontier Provinces and Sylhet and the princely states, as also those on the Interim Government and the India Independence Bill. This part also highlights the problem of communalism which became so pronounced in several regions of India during this period that even the parties which stood for unity, such as the Congress, had little option but to accept partition. Part of the Towards Freedom Series, this volume contains documents related to the year 1947. It consists of two sections, the first discusses the developments in the British dominions while the second section focuses on the Princely States. In the first section, the story of India’s independence unfurls through documents related to constituent assembly, partition in Bengal, Punjab, Northwest Frontier Provinces and Sylhet. The section includes documents on the Interim Government and the India Independence Bill as well as the problem of communalism which became prominent in several parts of India. In the second section, these concerns are explored in the Princely States through a systematic investigation of the developments in north, south and east India.

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Author(s)Mahajan S
PublisherOxford University Press
Publish YearMay 2015