More Details about Transfer Pricing in India - Since Inception To BEPS

General Information  
Author(s)S C Mishra
PublisherCCH India
Publish YearNovember 2016


About the Book

The cross-border transaction flows are increasingly being scrutinized mainly because in the present times of fiscal constraints, the tax administrations attempt to secure a wider revenue base. The dynamics of changing business structures and regulatory regimes make the analysis of transfer pricing more challenging for the taxpayers and the tax authorities. In India, there is a growing corpus of case laws on transfer pricing. 
This book covers the discussion on journey of Transfer Pricing from history to Future. The emergence of the provisions of Transfer Pricing, their evolvement to the current stage with the amendments in the law and the future outlook with BEPS are comprehensively discussed, with an outline on it’s implication on the stakeholders.
The author has made an endeavor to provide vast commentary on transfer pricing regulations with reference to the judicial pronouncements, not only of India but also which are decided in other geographies like United States, Canada etc. It has been written to make the task of the stakeholders a little easier in complying with the transfer pricing regulations. It covers the discussion on theoretical framework of international business and intra group relations followed by the objects of enquiry into such relations. The implication of BEPS has also been elucidated. It also covers the relevant portions of the OECD and US regulations. The provisions relating to documentation, penalty, risk assessment, audit and Dispute Resolution Mechanism has also been discussed.

Key Features

- Updated with all the statutory amendments 
- Includes discussion on BEPS 
- Detailed discussion on digital economy and country by country report
- Covers Safe Harbor Rules and GAAR
- Explicating the determination of Most Appropriate      method to ascertain Arm’s length price 
- Exploring the concept of Dispute Resolution Panel
- Incorporating more than 250 domestic as well as international judicial pronouncements