As the world debates the risks and benefits of plant biotechnology, the proportion of the global area of transgenic field crops has increased every year, and the safety and value continues to be demonstrated. Yet, despite the success of transgenic field crops, the commercialization of transgenic horticultural crops (vegetables, fruits, nuts, and ornamentals) has lagged far behind. Transgenic Horticultural Crops: Challenges and Opportunities examines the challenges for the creation and commercialization of horticultural biotechnology and identifies opportunities, strategies, and priorities for future progress. A "must read" for anyone working in the fields of genetic engineering or plant breeding, for policy makers, educators, students, and anyone interested in the issues of genetic engineering of fruits, vegetables and ornamentals. The production and commercialization of transgenic horticultural crops is an enormous task―its progress and realization require an informed research community, horticultural industry, government, and body of consumers. To aid in this effort, this book provides facts, analyses and insights by leading experts in this field to inform a wide audience of students, agricultural and genetic professionals, and the interested public. Part of the global conversation on the pros and cons of transgenic foods, Transgenic Horticultural Crops aims to stimulate more interest and discussion on the subject and to promote the development of safe and sustainable genetically modified horticultural crop varieties.

Key Features:-

  • Past achievements, newest developments, and current challenges in transgenic fruit, nut, vegetable,
  • Reviews transgenic horticultural crops in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Asia
  • Hurdles to the commercialization of transgenic technology in economics and marketplace, consumer acc
  • Critical evaluation of the benefits and risks of genetically engineered horticultural crops, includi
  • Presents case studies and an industry perspective on transgenic horticultural crops

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General Information  
Author(s)Mou B
PublisherTaylor and Francis
Publish YearJuly 2011