More Details about Transportation Engineering and Planning

General Information  
Author(s)P D Prevedouros and C S Papacostas
Edition3rd Edition
Publish YearJuly 2015


For a course in transportation engineering in the Civil Engineering Department.This detailed, interdisciplinary introduction to transportation engineering serves as a comprehensive text as well as a frequently cited reference. It begins with the basic sciences, mathematics, and engineering mechanics, and gradually introduces new concepts concerning societal context, geometric design, human factors, traffic engineering, and simulation, transportation planning, evaluation. Salient Features NEW - --Restructured--Organized in four main sections: DESIGN AND OPERATION (includes basic engineering principles, geometric design, human factors and traffic engineering); SYSTEMS (includes transportation modes, urban transportation, intelligent transportation systems [ITS], transportation planning and forecasting); IMPACTS (includes traffic impact studies, noise and pollution, and evaluation of transportation alternatives); and SUPPORTING ELEMENTS (such as economics, statistics, probability, queuing and software for traffic simulation and transportation analysis). NEW - --Updated coverage on Transportation Modes. NEW - --Updated coverage on Urban Systems--With extensive coverage of Intelligent Transportation Systems and the Quantification of Congestion. NEW - --Expanded Capacity Analyses--Of bikeway, freeway, intersection, pedestrian and transit facilities based on HCM 2000. NEW - --Coverage of Traffic Calming and basic Roundabouts. NEW - --Extensive coverage of transportation software NEW - --Expanded coverage of Actuated Controllers--With numerous realistic case studies for Signal Design and Capacity Analysis. NEW - --Updated Demand Modeling and Forecasting. NEW - --Updated Traffic Impact Studies. Carefully chosen examples--Most accompanied by discussion and interpretations of results. Develops and illustrates concepts. Ex Exercises--Cover a full range of difficulty. Gives students hands-on practice in applying concepts. Ex