More Details about Tropical Vegetable Production

General Information  
Author(s)G Jahir Hussain
PublisherSBS Publishers and Distributors Pvt Ltd
Publish YearJune 2012


The Book Is Designed For Students Of Agriculture On Diploma And Certificate Courses An Intermediate Colleges, First Year Agriculture Students At University, Agriculture Extension Workers. The Book Deals With The Special Methods Of Vegetable Cultivation: The Cultivation Of The Major Vegetable Families And Groups Together With A Discussion Of Management Techniques That Can Be Used To Maximize Yields.The Book Focuses On The Principles And Practice Of Tropical Vegetable Production And On The Taxonomy Of Various Crops Along With Their Tropical Vegetables Production And On The Taxonomy Of Various Crops Along With Their Botanical Families. This Book Has Been Written With The Hope And Purpose And That It Will Be Used By Technical, College And University Students During Their Studies Of Horticulture, Cop Production And Agriculture; It Is Also For Student On Other Allied Courses And Agriculturists Who Find Them Needing More Vegetable - Oriented Information In The Course Of Their Professional Activities. It Is Aimed To Assist In The Production Of Extension, Advisory And Research Staff And Officers Who Will Be The Core Of The Trainers, Advisors, Researchers And Extension Workers In Tropical And Subtropical Countries.