The study of fetal medicine encompasses individuals who believe this both instinctively and consciously and have devoted their careers to the study of the fetus and the treatment of fetal diseases. It is these individuals who have moved forward the knowledge about twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) and our ability to treat this devastating disease. The story of medical efforts to tackle TTTS exemplifies how many important areas of medicine have begun to coalesce recently including ethics basic science discoveries innovation in medical equipments and clinical collaboration of investigators. Some of that story will be told throughout this book. I believe you will find that this story is compelling. Creative ideas in this book do not spring from my mind but come from numerous individuals. The credit for the ideas that move us forward and save fetal lives goes to many. This book and the advances in fetal medicine that have produced continually increasing survival and continually decreasing morbidity for fetuses suffering from TTTS over the last 30 years is truly the result of a team effort.

Key Features:-

  • The book begins with an interesting jumping-off point: Where did we come from? Unlike other books of

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PublisherJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
Publish YearJanuary 2013