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USMLE Step 2 Ck Plus With Access Code (PB) by Omar A M, Elsevier

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    Author(s)Omar A M
    Publish YearNovember 2022


    Elsevier USMLE Step 2 Ck Plus With Access Code (PB) by Omar A M

    Here's your one-stop, comprehensive review source for the USMLE Step 2 Clinical Knowledge (CK), from an author who scored above the 99th percentile on this challenging exam. In one convenient place, USMLE Step 2 CK Plus covers the breadth and depth of material you need to know to not only pass, but excel on the Step 2 CK. "This book reflects what I would have wanted when I was studying for the USMLE Step 2 CK exam." - author Abdillahi Omar Offers comprehensive, high-yield coverage in a concise, outline format. Includes numerous tables, clinical photos, micrographs, and x-rays for a superb visual review and improved retention of the material. Provides the depth and breadth needed for effective study in an easy-to-use, logically organized, portable format-perfect for self-study or review anytime, anywhere. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices. . Part I: Internal Medicineo Chapter 1: Preventative Medicineo Chapter 2: Neurology? Neuroanatomy ? Stroke? Spinal Cord Lesions? Seizures? Hemorrhage? Headache? Multiple Sclerosis? Vertigo? Tremors? Dementia/Delirium? Neuromuscular Disorders? Neuropathies? Brain Tumors? Sleep? Miscellaneouso Chapter 3: Head, Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat? Head ? Eyes? Ears ? Nose? Throato Chapter 4: Pulmonology? Lung Anatomy and Physiology? Physical Exam? Altitude Sickness? Genetic Pulmonary Syndromes? Respiratory Infections? Pleural Disorders? Obstructive Lung Disease? Restrictive Lung Disease? Pulmonary Vascular Disorders? Neoplasia? Acute Respiratory Distress Syndromeo Chapter 5: Cardiology? Coronary Artery Disease? Myocardial Infarction? Congestive Heart Failure? Pharmacotherapy in the Treatment of Coronary Artery Disease and Congestive Heart Failure? Other Causes of Chest Pain? Hypertension? Aortic Pathologies? Cardiomyopathy? Valvular Heart Disease? Pericardial Disease? Arrhythmias? Cardiac Arrest ? Cardiac Neoplasmso Chapter 6: Gastroenterology? Oral and Salivary Glands? Esophagus? Stomach? Small Intestine? Large Intestine? Anorectal? Hepatobiliary? Pancreaso Chapter 7: Nephrology? Nephrology Basics? Congenital Nephron Disorders? Electrolyte Derangements? Acute Kidney Injury? Chronic Kidney Disease? Renovascular Disorders? Glomerulopathy? Renal Tubular Acidosis? Nephrolithiasis? Cystic Kidney Disease? Malignancy? Infections? Miscellaneouso Chapter 8: Endocrinology? Posterior Pituitary Disorders? Anterior Pituitary Disorders? Other Hypothalamic Pituitary Disorders? Thyroid Disorders? Parathyroid Disorders? Adrenal Disorders? Diabetes Mellitus? Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumorso Chapter 9: Hematology-Oncology? Basics of Hematology? Anemia? Bleeding Disorders? Clotting Disorders? White Blood Cell Dyscrasias? Red Blood Cell Dyscrasias? Thrombocytosis? Plasma Cell Dyscrasias? Lymphoma? Miscellaneous Oncologyo Chapter 10: Rheumatology? Collagen Vascular Diseases? Seronegative Spondyloarthropathies? Crystalline Arthropathy? Vasculitis? Infections? Inflammatory Myopathies? Lower Back Pain? Osteoarthritis? Joints, Ligament, and Tendons? Mineral Bone Disease? Bone Neoplasms? Amyloidosis? Miscellaneouso Chapter 11: Dermatology? Basics of Dermatology? Autoimmune Dermatologic Disorders? Drug-Related Skin Disorders? Inherited Skin Disorders? Itchy Dermatitides? Infections? Premalignant Skin Disorders? Malignant Skin Lesions? Miscellaneous Disorderso Chapter 12: Emergency Medicine? Toxicologyo Chapter 13: Infectious Diseaseo Chapter 14: Aging. Part II: Obstetricso Chapter 15: Early Pregnancyo Chapter 16: Pregnancy Follow-Up and Managemento Chapter 17: Abnormal Fertilization and Implantation? Twinning? Abnormal Fertilizationo Chapter 18: Fetal Monitoringo Chapter 18: Placental Abnormalitieso Chapter 19: Amniotic Fluido Chapter 20: Perinatal infectionso Chapter 21: Teratogenso Chapter 22: Fetal Losso Chapter 23: Maternal Medical Disorderso Chapter 24: Complications during Pregnancyo Chapter 25: Preterm Complicationso Chapter 26: Post-Term Complicationso Chapter 27: Normal and Abnormal Laboro Chapter 28: Birthing Assistance and Complicationso Chapter 29: Post-Partum Hemorrhageo Chapter 30: Other Post-Partum Complicationso Chapter 31: Breastfeeding. Part III: Pediatricso Chapter 32: Immediate Post-deliveryo Chapter 33: Vaccineso Chapter 34: Growtho Chapter 35: Neurology? Neurocutaneous Syndromes? Infections? Seizures? Seizures? Hydrocephalus? Spinal Cord Abnormalities? Brain Tumorso Chapter 36: Head, Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat? Head? Eyes? Ears? Nose? Throato Chapter 37: Pulmonology? Neonatal Disorders? Airway Disease? Genetic Pulmonary Syndromes? Pneumonia? Miscellaneouso Chapter 38: Cardiology? Congenital Heart Diseases? Vascular, Valvular, Arrhythmias, and Hypertensiono Chapter 39: Gastroenterology? Esophagus? Stomach? Small-Intestine? Pancreas? Hepatobiliary? Large Intestine? Colon Cancer Related Syndromes? Constipation? Miscellaneouso Chapter 40: Genitourinary? Kidneys? Ureters? Bladder? Urethrao Chapter 41: Endocrinology? Pituitary? Thyroid? Parathyroid Disorders? Adrenal Gland? Puberty? Diabeteso Chapter 42: Rheumatology ? Fragile Bones? Bone Tumors? Joint Disorders? Muscular Disorders? Systemic Disorderso Chapter 43: Hematology and Oncology ? Basics of Hematology? Anemia? Bleeding? Hematologic Malignancieso Chapter 44: Infectious Disease ? Viral Infections? Parasitic Infections? Congenital Infectious Syndromeso Chapter 45: Allergy and Immunology ? Allergies? Immunologyo Chapter 46: Dermatology ? Incidental and Benign Skin Lesions? Infectious Rashes? Itchy Rashes? Pigmentation Disorderso Chapter 47: Genetics? Inborn Errors of Metabolism? Genetic Syndromeso Chapter 48: Behavioral Disorderso Chapter 49: Miscellaneous. Part IV: Gynecologyo Chapter 50: Breast Disorders ? Benign Breast Masses? Breast Cancer? Infectionso Chapter 51: Ovarian Disorders ? Anovulation and Amenorrhea? Benign Ovarian Masses? Ovarian Cancer o Chapter 52: Uterine Disorders ? Anatomical Deformities? Uterine Pain and Non-malignant Bleeding? Endometrial Cancero Chapter 53: Disorders of the Cervix ? Benign Cervical Lesions? Cervical Cancero Chapter 54: Vaginal Disorders? Vaginal Cancer? Other Vaginal Disorderso Chapter 55: Gynecologic Infectionso Chapter 56: Menstruationo Chapter 57: Sexual Functioning Disorderso Chapter 58: Family Planningo Chapter 59: Miscellaneous. Part V: Psychiatryo Chapter 60: Somatoform Disorderso Chapter 61: Psychosis? Pharmacologyo Chapter 62: Mood Disorders ? Depression and Bipolar? Other Mood Disorders? Pharmacologyo Chapter 63: Anxiety? Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder? Impulse Control Disorderso Chapter 64: Dissociationo Chapter 65: Pediatric Psychiatry? Combative Disorders? Digestion and Elimination? Parasomniaso Chapter 66: Personality Disorderso Chapter 67: Substance Abuseo Chapter 68: Miscellaneous. Part VI: Surgeryo Chapter 69: Basics of Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine ? Preoperative Assessment? Postoperative Assessment/Complications? Anesthetic Complicationso Chapter 70: Trauma? Shock? Burns? Trauma and Emergency Related Entitieso Chapter 71: Neurosurgery ? Brain Bleed? Brain Masses? Back Pain? Traumao Chapter 72: ENT Surgery ? Ears? Nose? Throat? Neck? Salivary Gland? Neoplasms? Emergencieso Chapter 73: Breast Surgery ? Benign Breast Mass? Breast Cancero Chapter 74: General Surgery ? Esophagus? Stomach? Small-Bowel? Pancreas? Hepatobiliary? Large Bowel? Anorectal? Trauma? Specific Traumatic Abdominal Entitieso Chapter 75: Cardiothoracic Surgery? Cardiac Surgery? Lung Surgery? Other Mediastinal Entities? Traumao Chapter 76: Orthopedic Surgery? Infections? Fractures? Dislocations? Tendons, Ligaments, and Menisci? Traumao Chapter 77: Vascular Surgery ? Acute Aortic Syndromes? Atherosclerotic-Related Diseaseo Chapter 78: Urology ? Testicular and Scrotal Disorders? Prostate? Penile Disorders? Neoplasms? Traumao Chapter 79: Dermatologyo Chapter 80: Ophthalmologyo Chapter 81: Pediatrics ? Gastroenterology? Cardiology? Urology? Orthopedics? Ophthalmologyo Chapter 82: Transplant Surgeryshow more

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