More Details about Understanding Physics

General Information  
Author(s)Karen Cummings
Publish YearJuly 2006


This text represents the latest methods in physics instruction. Incorporating new approaches based upon Physics Education Research (PER), this book is designed for courses that use computer-based laboratory tools, and promote Activity Based Physics in lectures, labs, and recitations. · Measurement · Motion Along a Straight Line · Forces and Motion Along a Line · Vectors · Net Force and TwoDimensional Motion · Identifying and Using Forces · Translational Momentum · Extended Systems · Kinetic Energy and Work · Potential Energy and Energy Conservation · Rotation · Complex Rotations · Equilibrium and Elasticity · Gravitation · Fluids · Oscillations · Transverse Mechanical Waves · Sound Waves · The First Law of Therodynamics · The Kinetic Theory of Gases · Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics · Electric Charge · Electric Fields · Gauss’ Law · Electric Potential · Current and Resistance · Circuits · Capacitance · Magnetic Fields · Magnetic Fields Due to Currents · Induction and Maxwell’s Equations · Inductors and Magnetic Materials · Electromagnetic Oscillations and Alternating Current · Electromagnetic Waves · Images · Interference · Diffraction · Special Relativity