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Urologic Principles And Practice 2nd Edition 2020 at Meripustak

Urologic Principles And Practice 2nd Edition 2020 by Chapple C.R., Springer

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Chapple C.R.
    Publish YearAugust 2021


    Springer Urologic Principles And Practice 2nd Edition 2020 by Chapple C.R.

    This book fulfils the need for a general urology text primarily urologists in training. It has a novel format by having a clinical chapter always preceded by a scientific foundation chapter. The scientific chapter is geared toward answering questions for boards and understanding pathophysiology, is concise and relevant. The clinical chapter is written around evidence-based medicine and in "how-to" format with algorithms, with reference to AUA & EAU guidelines, well illustrated._x000D_ Table of contents :- 1. Embryology for Urologists.- 2. Gross and Laparoscopic Anatomy of the Upper Tract and Retroperitoneum.- 3. Gross and Laparoscopic Anatomy of the Lower Tract and Pelvis.- 4. Anatomy of the Male Reproductive System.- 5. An Overview of Renal Physiology.- 6. Functional Assessment of the Urinary Tract (Urodynamics, Renography, Radiological Assessment).- 7. Ureteral Physiology and Pharmacology.- 8. A Comprehensive Overview of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms and Symptom Complexes.- 9. Physiology and Pharmacology of the Bladder.- 10. Physiology and Pharmacology of the Prostate.- 11. Molecular Biology for Urologists.- 12. Urologic Endocrinology.- 13. Pharmacology of Sexual Function.- 14. Tumor and Transplant Immunology.- 15. Pathophysiology of Renal Obstruction.- 16. Pathophysiology of Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction.- 17. Urologic Imaging.- 18. Urologic Instrumentation: Endoscopes and Lasers.- 19. Wound Healing and Principles of Plastic Surgery.- 20. Current Concepts in the Management of Urethral Stricture Disease.- 21. Hematuria: Evaluation and Management.- 22. Principles of Bacterial Urinary Tract Infections.- 23. Nonbacterial Infections of the Genitourinary Tract.- 24. Sexually Transmitted Infections.- 25. Prostatitis and Male Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome.- 26. Disorders of Scrotal Contents: Orchitis, Epididymitis, Testicular Torsion, Torsion of the Appendages, and Fournier's Gangrene.- 27. Overview of the Evaluation of Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction.- 28. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).- 29. Practical Guidelines for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie s Disease.- 30. Treatment of adult male hormonal disorders and premature ejaculation.- 31. Evaluation and Medical Management of Stone Disease.- 32. Interventional Management for Urinary Tract Calculi.- 33. Current Concepts of Anterior Urethral Pathology: Management and Future Directions.- 34. Contemporary Management of Urinary Incontinence.- 35. Neurogenic Bladder.- 36. Pelvic Prolapse.- 37. Urologic Trauma.- 38. Urinary Tract Fistula.- 39. Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma.- 40. Renal Cancer including Molecular Characterization.- 41. Bladder Cancer.- 42. Prostate Cancer (Management of Localised and Regional Prostate Cancer).- 43. Penile Cancer.- 44. Chemotherapeutic Agents for Urologic Oncology - Basic Principles.- 45. Diagnosis, Staging and Management of Testes Cancer.