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Using Behavioral Science in Marketing by Nancy Harhut, KOGAN PAGE LIMITED

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Nancy Harhut
    BindingPaperback with Sewin
    Publish YearAugust 2022


    KOGAN PAGE LIMITED Using Behavioral Science in Marketing by Nancy Harhut

    Increase engagement, response rates and the ROI of marketing initiatives with this step-by-step guide to harnessing hardwired consumer behavior and instinctive responses.Using Behavioral Science in Marketing shows how to apply behavioral science principles in key areas of marketing, including marketing communications, email, direct mail and ad campaigns, social media marketing and sales funnel conversion strategies. Highly practical and accessible, it includes case studies and examples from AT&T, Apple, Spotify and The Wall Street Journal showing how these approaches have been used in practice.Using Behavioral Science in Marketing also reveals how to increase consumer involvement and engagement, convey exclusivity and desirability, and prompt customer action and loyalty with scientifically proven principles such as autonomy bias, storytelling, and the Von Restorff effect. Featuring common mistakes to avoid and key takeaways at the end of each chapter, it's also accompanied by downloadable checklists and an interactive template to use in practice. In a highly competitive space, where even an incremental advantage can result in significant uplifts, this is a crucial resource to create stand out and successful marketing-especially for marketers in highly regulated or highly competitive environments. Chapter - 01: Emotional and rational elements in decision making;Chapter - 02: Conveying customer benefits through loss aversion and the endowment effect;Chapter - 03: Achieving urgency and exclusivity through the scarcity principle;Chapter - 04: The reciprocity principle and the marketing value of give to get;Chapter - 05: Social proof - harnessing the power of people like us, and the people we like;Chapter - 06: Storytelling - increasing consumer involvement and engagement;Chapter - 07: Autonomy bias - harnessing the human need for control;Chapter - 08: Encouraging sales and loyalty through the consistency principle and the Zeigarnik effect;Chapter - 09: Information gap theory - prompting consumers to take action through curiosity and the need to know;Chapter - 10: Tapping into the authority principle to stand out and prompt responses;Chapter - 11: Choice architecture and status quo bias - how to use inertia to get things moving;Chapter - 12: Labeling and framing - making people see things your way;Chapter - 13: Increasing action through automatic compliance triggers and reasons;Chapter - 14: Maximizing the impact of your marketing copy and language;Chapter - 15: Increasing desirability though triggering availability bias;Chapter - 16: Creating stand out marketing communications through context, rewards and unpredictability;Chapter - 17: Temporal discounting and temporal landmarks - the effects of time on behavior