More Details about Vacuum Technique

General Information  
Author(s)L N Rozanov and Volume editor Marsbed H Hablanian
PublisherTaylor & Francis
Publish YearMarch 2004


Vacuum technology finds itself in many areas of industry and research. These include materials handling, packaging, gas sampling, filtration, degassing of oils and metals, thin-film coating, electron microscopy, particle acceleration, and impregnation of electrical components. It is vital to design systems that are appropriate to the application, and with so many potential solutions this can become overwhelming. Vacuum Technique provides an overview of vacuum technology, its different design methodologies, and the underlying theory. The author begins with a summary of the properties of low-pressure gases, then moves on to describe mathematical modeling of gas transfer in the vacuum system, the operation of pumps and gauges, computer-aided synthesis and analysis of systems, and the design of different vacuum systems. In particular, the author discusses the structure and characteristics of low, middle, high, and superhigh vacuum systems, as well as the characteristics of joints, materials, movement inputs, and all aspects of production technology and construction standards.