Multiple etiologies and a lack of clinical evidence both contribute to the challenges of diagnosing and treating dizziness and balance disorders. These health-related complaints are common among the fastest growing age group (75+). This text provides a dynamic introduction to balance disorders and is the first of its kind to explore the clinical, scientific, and economic demands of the field. The cause and effect of vestibular and balance disorders extend into a broad range of specialities, making proper treatment more relevant and critical than ever. Highly instructional and thorough, this book offers a complete overview of the field and is a practical hands-on guide for beginners, as well as a useful reference for audiologists, otolaryngologists, physical therapists, and neurologists.

Key Features:-

  • Covers the full range of examination techniques to expand your scope of treatment options
  • Provides an overview of all the clinical fundamentals: anatomy, physiology, testing, and interpretat
  • Basic format designed for beginners and students; it is perfect as a course book
  • Offers an objective review of the rationale and cost-effectiveness of starting a vestibular laborato
  • Unique coverage of the business aspects, such as necessary equipment, where to buy it, and how to bu

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