This text is a complete and practical guide to performing virtual colonoscopy examinations and interpreting the results. The book provides precise instructions on how to prepare the patient and specific protocols for the various CT scanners currently in use. Detailed chapters on interpretation demonstrate normal anatomy, anatomic variants, CT appearances of polyps and cancer, and pitfalls of interpretation on two-dimensional and three-dimensional views. Additional chapters cover extracolonic findings, reporting, and fecal and fluid tagging. More than 700 illustrations show examination techniques and normal and pathologic findings. A companion Website will offer teaching cases to further refine the reader's interpretive skills.

Key Features:-

  • How-to reference for Virtual Colonoscopy
  • Includes an overview of current colorectal cancer screening tests
  • Guides radiologist in reporting findings; reduces false positives
  • Demonstrates normal anatomy and pitfalls of interpretation on 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional views

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General Information  
PublisherWolters Kluwer | Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
Publish YearAugust 2007