Simon Min Sze’s VLSI Technology is a textbook created for graduate students in Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics, and Materials Science. The book focuses on the theoretical as well as practice aspects of Very-Large-Scale-Integration (VLSI). VLSI is considered the most advanced state of Electronics Technology. Herein, the author provides access to all the crucial steps in the VLSI Circuit Fabrication. The book is divided into Fourteen chapters that exhaustively cover all the vital topics related to the subject. The provides in-depth study of Lithography, Oxidation, Yield and Reliability, Process Simulation, Crystal Growth and Water Pre preparation, Metallization, Epitaxy, Analytical Techniques, Reactive Plasma Etching, VLSI Process Integration, Dielectric and Polysilicon Film Deposition, Diffusion, Assembly Techniques and Packaging of VLSI devices, and Ion Implementation. Additionally, appendices and index have been included for further help to the readers. Each chapter covers One important aspect of VLSI Technology and is divided into Three parts. The chapter begins with an introduction that provides basic information about the topic to be discussed. The subsequent sections of the chapter explain the fundamentals lying beneath individual process steps, the importance of each step in achieving the goals, and how to increase manufacturability and device performance. At the end of each chapter, a set of solved problems are included for the students to practice their knowledge. The book VLSI Technology has been written keeping in mind that the reader has a basic understanding of semiconductor devices – its physics and technology. One of the salient features of this Second Edition is that almost 50% of the book content has been updated and now includes most important and advanced topics in VLSI processing. The book cites 900 references out of which 40 percent have been published in last five years. Also, the author has included 400 technical illustrations out of which 55 percent are latest.

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PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2014