The basic purpose of this text is to present welding and welding technology in such a manner that the beginning college student can understand the underlying theories of welding, apply these theories to the process,and then apply the process to teh fabrication of goods. The theories and principles of welding technology, while based on mathematics and science, are presented so that a scientific background is not mandatory although the student will learn to apply an amount of mathematics and science in welding technology.

Key Features:-

  • The text follows the same basic format in all its five major sections. Each section is divided into
  • A set of questions to reinforce the information within the unit and suggested further readings are a
  • The text provides the basic information to explain the "how as well as the why" of the welding proce
  • The last two sections are more general in nature than the first three section IV on special welding
  • The text is not machine oriented; that is, step-by-step directions for operating particular machines

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Author(s)LITTLE MN
PublisherMcGraw Hill