More Details about Waste Water Engineering

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Author(s)Parker R
Publish YearDecember 2010


" waste-water engineering Importance of wafer to the existence of human life is next to air. Human settlements, towns and cities are dependent upon the continuous supply of water from different sources. Water exists in all the three forms solid, liquid and gas and all the three forms are important to humans as well as all the biological systems. This edition discusses importance, properties and uses of water, along with quality, sources and classification. Conveyance of water, quality, and waste-wafer treatment are the topics focussed upon. Besides filtration, both physical and chemical operations have been discussed thoroughly. Water transmission and distribution systems have been discussed. Biological waste treatment, residual management, treatment of sewage, along with systems for resource and energy and connected microbiology have been described. Separate chapters have been included to cover hydraulics and use of computers in waste-water technology. Appendices and glossary at the end of the text provide a quick reference to the readers. This book is a complete treatise on water processing techniques including recycling and reuse of waste-water, making it an essential reading for all students and teachers of graduate and postgraduate courses in engineering, environment, life sciences, water technology and concerned industrial applications." "1. Introduction 2. Quantity of Water 3. Sources of Water 4. Conveyance of Water 5. Quality of Water 6. An Overview of Waste-Water Treatment 7. Introduction to Separation Processes and Mass Transfer 8. Aeration and Gas Transfer 9. Screening, Sedimentation, Clarification, Flotation and Coagulation 10. Filtration 11. Flocculation, Adsorption, Desalination and Ion Exchange 12. Membrane Separation Technologies 13. Disinfection 14. Water Transmission and Distribution Systems 15. Advanced Waste-Water Treatment 16. Biological Waste Treatment 17. Residual Management 18. Sewage 19. Engineered Systems for Resource and Energy Recovery 20. Microbiology 21. Hydraulics 22. Applications of Computer in Waste-Water Technology"