More Details about Weed Identification and Medicinal Use

General Information  
Author(s)Walia and U S
PublisherScientific Publishers
Publish YearNovember 2015


This book entitled “Weed Identification and Medicinal Use” deals with important weed identification tips as well as medicinal use of important weeds. In the first chapter, key identification characteristics of weeds like leaf shape, arrangement of the leaves, type of flowers and inflorescence are given. In the second chapter photographs of 201 weeds along with detailed morphological characters, association with different crops, their dispersal mechanism and growing season etc. are provided. Apart from this, the important morphological characters pertaining to different weed species i.e. plant height, leaf type, root system, type of stem, growing season, branching habits, flower type and colour, shape of fruits/seeds, habitat, means of propagation etc. are also discussed in this chapter. In the third chapter, the medicinal value of 94 important weeds/plant parts which can be used to cure different diseases has been discussed. The glossary of medical terms is also provided in the fourth chapter.