The occurrence and description of wetlands in India with reference to those around the world is detailed in a sequential manner from local, provincial, regional, and national to global scenario in this book, “Wetlands and Lakes of the World”. The book also deals with a systematic, sequential and comprehensive treatment of the Limnology (physico-chemical and biological features) and Fisheries of the Wetlands in India and is well supported by author’s original data. As Limnology and Fishery Science are interlinked, this book attempts to provide a holistic view of both the fields, along with their methodologies. The book has numerous examples from the local environment that go along with the explained theoretical concepts. Furthermore, a unique feature of the book is that it deals with the protocols of various Limnological methodologies, thus, making it a handy guide for lab and field studies. The book has distinguished itself by incorporating chapter based on Global Information System or GIS. The book also has an up to date Bibliography and summary at the end of each chapter with text on various aspects, particularly, generally not much dealt with aspects like fisherfolk, their fish catching devices, fishing centers, fish markets and, above all, their socio-economic conditions supported by author’s original data. In Brief.. “Wetlands and Lakes of the World” is, a humble treatise to provide the undergraduates with a text concentrating on the common, fundamental features of all aquatic systems, and the for the postgraduates, researchers, policy makers, administrators, etc.with the details of processes and applications with examples.

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Publish YearFebruary 2014