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Wiley Acing the GATE: Computer Science and Information Technology, 2ed (Reprint 2019)

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Anil Kumar Verma, Gaurav Sharma, Kuldeep Singh
    Publish YearMarch 2018


    Wiley Wiley Acing the GATE: Computer Science and Information Technology, 2ed (Reprint 2019) by Anil Kumar Verma, Gaurav Sharma, Kuldeep Singh

    The book uses a precise and systematic approach to present the subject of computer science and information technology for GATE (CS). The content of the book is built after thorough analysis of concepts asked in previous year question papers, and thus emerges as a fully competent book to cater to the needs of the GATE aspirants. Difficult topics such as theory of computation, compiler design, operating systems are clarified using simple steps and illustrations as well as supported by a large number of problems for practice; as these form the major portion of the GATE syllabus. Using this book, the aspirants would be able to revise their fundamentals of the subject and test their preparedness level through multitude of problems, thereby developing the aptitude required for success in GATE.

    About the Author

    Anil Kumar Verma is currently working as an Associate Professor in the Department of CSE, Thapar University, Patiala. He is a member of MISCI (Turkey), LMCSI (Mumbai), GMAIMA (New Delhi) and certified software quality auditor by MoCIT, Govt. of India. He has visited USA, South Korea and Japan for academic purposes, and published over 150 papers in refereed journals and conferences (India and abroad). He is member of various program committees for diff erent international/national conferences and is on the review board of various international journals.


    Gaurav Sharma is currently working as an Assistant Professor in Amity School of Engineering, Amity University, Noida He is a member of IEEE and ACM, and of various program committees for diff erent international/national conferences, besides being on the review board of various internationally renowned journals. His research interests includes routing and security issues in Ad hoc networks.


    Kuldeep Singh is currently a PhD research scholar and freelance consultant at Thapar University, Patiala, working in the area of Ad hoc Network Security. He has commendable and growing list of publications, and is a member of reputed computer societies like ACM.

    Table of Contents


    About the Authors

    Acing the GATE


    1 Digital Logic  

    • Number System  
    • Boolean Logic  
    • Digital Circuits  
    • Digital Logic Families  


    2 Computer Organization and Architecture  

    • Computer Architecture  
    • Machine Instructions and Addressing Modes  
    • Arithmetic Logic Unit  
    • CPU Control Design  
    • I/O Interface (Interrupt and DMA Mode)  
    • Instruction Pipelining  
    • Memory Hierarchy  


    3 Programming and Data Structures  

    • Basic Terminology  
    • Stack  
    • Queue  
    • Linked List  
    • Trees  


    4 Algorithms  

    • Algorithm  
    • Hashing  
    • Binary Heap  
    • Searching and Sorting  
    • Graph  
    • Greedy Approach  
    • Graph Traversa  
    • Dynamic Programming  
    • All-Pair Shortest Path  
    • Concepts of Complexity Classes  


    5 Theory of Computation  

    • Finite Automata  
    • Finite Automata and Regular Language  
    • Pushdown Automata  
    • Context-Free Grammar and Languages  
    • Turing Machine  
    • Closure and Decidability  


    6 Compiler Design  

    • Compilers and Interpreters  
    • Lexical Analyzer  
    • Parser  
    • Syntax-Directed Translation  
    • Runtime Environment  
    • Intermediate Code Generation  
    • Code Optimization  


    7 Operating System  

    • Types of Operating System  
    • Process Management  
    • CPU Scheduling  
    • Process Synchronization  
    • Deadlocks  
    • Threads  
    • Memory Management  
    • File System  
    • I/O Systems  
    • Protection and Security  


    8 Databases  

    • Components of Database Systems  
    • DBMS Architecture  
    • Data Models  
    • Database Design  
    • Query Languages (SQL)  
    • File Structures  
    • Transactions and Concurrency Control  


    9 Information Systems and Software Engineering  

    • Information Systems  
    • Software  
    • Process Models  
    • Measurement of Metrics  
    • Risk Analysis  
    • Software Development Life Cycle  


    10 Computer Networks  

    • Network  
    • LAN Technologies  
    • ISO/OSI Stack  
    • Routing Algorithms  
    • Network Layer Protocols  
    • Layer 4: Transport Layer  
    • Congestion  
    • User Datagram Protocol and Transmission Control Protocol  
    • Sockets  
    • Layer 5: Session Layer  
    • Layer 6: Presentation Layer  
    • Layer 7: Application Layer  
    • Devices  
    • Network Security  
    • Basic of WiFi  


    11 Web Technologies  

    • HTML  
    • Cascading Style Sheets  
    • XML  
    • Basic Concepts of Client— Server Computing  
    • J2EE platform  


    12 Discrete Mathematics  

    • Propositional Logic and First Order Logic  
    • Set Theory  
    • Relations  
    • Group  
    • Permutation  
    • Combinatorics  
    • Graph Theory  


    Important Formulas  

    Solved Examples  

    GATE Previous Years’ Questions  

    Practice Exercises  

    Answers to Practice Exercises  

    Solved GATE Paper 2018