• Facility to Import complete data from previous year
  • Import company Master details and directors details through CI N
  • LAN facility (Multiuser)
  • Move Copy/Paste from Excel, RTF & HTML files
  • Balance Sheet and statement of profit & loss tags ID are mapped with other sheets
  • Validation facility & easy to locate the error
  • Import of Directors details/ Auditors details from previous year data with editable facility
  • Link of one Tag ID to other relevant tag with single click
  • Company wise Import/Export of Data
  • Import/Export facility in excel format
  • View the details of enter data of explicit table in single page
  • Generation of Cost Audit & Cost Compliance instance doc
  • XML file of Balance Sheet and Statement of Profit and Loss account generated from any XBRL software can be imported smoothly
  • Auto calculation-Wherever Closing balane is applicable will be auto calculated, so that user can feed the data easily and correctly 
  • Auto fill date of start/end of period with editable option
  • Auto fill previous year company Information with editable option
  • Validation on SRN, CIN & PAN Format in every sheet
  • Provide Sheet Number wise searching option "Go To Sheet" in "Search Menu"
  • Hot Keys as per normal uses
  • Mail Management
  • Current and previous year disclosure summary details should be shown in single page
  • Refreshing of selected sheet
  • Generation and validation of Instance document
  • Backup & restore data
  • Live update facility
  • Unlimited returns
  • Auto selection of Last working (organization, financial year & report type)
  • Grouping of Organization
  • Highlight Search in organization master
  • View of all Footnote
  • General Setting Option:
          *Setting for change automatic backup settings [Set drive or folder for default backup] 
          *Setting for change default path xml file [Set drive or folder for default path xml file] 
          *Auto backup before updating of 

More Details about XBRL Tool (Single User) 2015

General Information  
PublisherTaxmann Publications
Publish YearJanuary 2015