Nature care and yoga aim at both cure and prevention, for adults and the aged, as well as for children and teenagers. Yoga and nature care are interrelated and emphasize the fact that all treatments work best when the body systems are clean and well maintained. Diet and meditation are the principal aspects of yoga exercises which eliminate or neutralize toxins. Modern medicines are comprised mostly of antibiotics and chemotherapeutic drugs, which are not recommended to children and teenagers. Yoga plays a significant role in providing an alternative and effective system of medicine, which not only helps to preserve and promote health but also to cure disease as well as maintain inner and outer beauty. The more we nurture ourselves the more radiant and attractive we become outwardly as well as expressively, irrespective of our body shape and proportions. Thus, a well- balanced diet, sufficient yoga exercise, fresh air, plenty of sunlight, pure drinking water, adequate rest and the practice of art of living can ensure proper health and grooming of a child or a teenager. The book explains yoga therapy and treatments in eight illumining chapters, with illustrations for the cure of physical and mental problems of a child or a teenager. Regularity and punctuality while practicing yogic exercises is the thumb rule. Nature cure has also been explained basically as a holistic approach, which helps to take proper account of all aspects of health, grooming and the way of life of a child or a teenager when accompanied by yoga. The book will be useful for all those concerned with the health of children and teenagers.

More Details about Yoga and Naturopathy for Children and Teenagers

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Author(s)Parvesh Handa
Publish YearJanuary 2011