• Unlimited Deductors/Companies, Deductee & Employees
  • Ability to save backup online using cloud services like dropbox
  • Bulk challan Export
  • Traces login interface integrated in the software - (Requisition of .tds or Forms 16A & 27D)
  • All Certificates validations through TRACES in single shot
  • Calculator for computing Interest on late deposit of TDS
  • Run time verification of challan (optional)
  • Auto Generation of Form 12BA
  • Check for Default Notice -Corrective actions can be taken in advance and file fully compliant e-TDS statement. Save additional cost in interest on delayed deposit and delayed deduction. Save yourself from trouble of attending to notices and filing appeals
  • Attach related files with Challan/ Employee/Transaction - Attachment of file option is given in the Employee/deductee form 
  • Grouping of master - Different organizations can be grouped
  • Backup option is given Organization wise, Year wise (Hi) Full Backup
  • Multiuser functionality in LAN atmosphere
  • Bulk PAN verification (At the time of filing and through traces website also)
  • Generate almost all forms of eTDS/eTCS Return i.e., 12BA, 24Q,26Q,27Q&27EQ
  • Instant display of file validation errors
  • Option to download .csi file during file validation
  • Import Data from Excel files
  • Excel import and export feature for preparing correction statement with lesser effort
  • FVU file generation for return submission in just one click
  • MIS report for Invalid Pan/Late Payment

More Details about e-TDS Returns (Single User) F.Y. 2015-16

General Information  
Author(s)Dr Vinod K Singhania and Dr Kapil Singhania
PublisherTaxmann Publications
EditionFinancial Year (2015-16)
Publish YearJanuary 2015