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Air And Missile Defense Systems Engineering by BOORD W J, Taylor and Francis

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)BOORD W J
    PublisherTaylor and Francis
    Publish YearMarch 2016


    Taylor and Francis Air And Missile Defense Systems Engineering by BOORD W J

    Air and Missile Defense Systems Engineering fills a need for those seeking insight into the design procedures of the air and missile defense system engineering process. Specifically aimed at policy planners, engineers, researchers, and consultants, it presents a balanced approach to negating a target in both natural and electronic attack environments, and applies physics-based system engineering to designing and developing a balanced air and missile defense system. The book provides an in-depth description of the missile defense design development process as well as the underlying technical foundation of air and missile defense systems engineering. Utilizing the authors’ many years of combined engineering experience, this book considers new air missile defense system technologies and innovative architectures that can be used to meet performance requirements while also minimizing design, development, and operational costs over the lifecycle of a combat system. It also includes the latest systems design techniques that can be applied to new and existing systems, and introduces systems engineering principles that can be discussed and readily applied to other missile defense system scenarios. Additionally, this book: • Focuses on shipborne missile defense systems that provide their own ship defense against missiles and protection of other nearby ships • Emphasizes the analysis and trade space associated with producing a balanced air and missile defense system (AMDS) • Addresses the importance of architectures and technologies • Traces requirements development through system performance tradeoffs • Includes results of radar and missile performance tradeoffs in a realistic environment Air and Missile Defense Systems Engineering provides an understanding of the physics of missile defense systems and the key performance parameters that drive the capabilities of these systems. This book serves as a valuable resource for missile defense engineers and other practicing professionals, as well as a teaching reference for graduate-level courses. Key Features:- • Provides key insights into how threat and environment drive key combat system design parameters • Details an approach for assessing the cost/performance benefit of various sensor and missile options • Applies to both cruise and ballistic defense • Presents a process that can be applied to air, sea, land, and space-based platforms Table of Contents Introduction and Background Introduction Why Is Missile Defense an Important Topic? References Systems Engineering Fundamentals Pre–Phase A Phase A Phase B Phases C–F Concept-of-Operations Development Product Architecture Requirement-Driven Acquisitions Verification and Validation References Missile Defense Problem Overview of the Missile Defense Problem Air Defense Environment References Pre–Phase A: The Air and Missile Defense Program Pre–Phase A: The Air and Missile Defense Program Plan Background Air and Missile Defense Mission Needs and Definitions Air and Missile Defense Measures of Effectiveness Top-Level Requirements References Phase A: AMD System Requirements AMD Mission Needs: Requirements to CONOPS Systems Architecture Functional Requirements Allocation of Functions to Systems System Performance and Interface Requirements CDS: Sensor Suite System Performance Requirements Engagement System Performance Requirements System Requirements Document References Phase B: Preliminary Design Target System Sensor Suite Battlespace Assessment Engagement Analysis Missile Subsystem Preliminary Design References Preliminary Systems Design Trade Analysis Battlespace Performance Summary References Allocation of Performance Requirements Allocation of Radar Performance Requirements to Subsystems Allocation of Interceptor Performance Requirements to Interceptor Subsystems Physics and Mathematics of AMD Design and Analysis Interceptors and Flight Analysis Target and Clutter Returns Seeker Noise Sources References Acronyms About the Author Warren Boord has 28 years of defense community experience and is currently with the Department of the Navy. John B. Hoffman has over 25 years of radar and antenna systems engineering experience and currently works as a consultant.

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