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Medical Books

Globally, Medical publishing market is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy touching a revenue of $10 billion. It includes market leaders enjoying double-digit profit margins. Medical publishing has a diverse range of revenue channels include books, journals, online content, abstracting and indexing, and other activities. Books contributing to most of the pie.  

However, medical book publishing is being challenged by increasing online content such as scientific, technical and medical (STM) publishing, especially in the US and the European market. In fact, Europe’s medical publishing market is now smaller than Asia-Pacific and the rest of the developing world (outside of North America) combined. Therefore, the leading publishers are trying to focus on the emerging markets of Asia Pacific and South Americas. The move towards emerging markets is a natural fallout because of the following reasons such as :

Research and development in medical science is no more confined within few markets, it has spread across the globe

US and Europe markets are already matured

Therefore, China, Brazil, South Korea, India and other markets have emerged as new destinations for the publishers.

Indian healthcare is full of opportunities since it is one of the fastest growing sectors in the coming 10 years, because of the following factors. 

Rising incomes, better living standards

Increase in health consciousness at the individual level

Healthcare reform and regulatory environment

The pharmaceutical industry has a large national market

High growth in the medical tourism

The contribution of the medical practitioners will be no less significant. Consumers to Indian medical services will become conscious and multiply exponentially, which will make the environment and workplace more competitive day by day for the medical practitioners.  

The field of medicine has been ever dynamic.  With awide spectrum of focus areas and specializations, it has developed into a multi-faceted branch of study. The importance of discipline of medicine will keep on increasing because it is advancing continuously with many medical maladies being diagnosed every day. Advance clinical test and diagnosis at granular level is paving growth of more specialization and branches of medicine, preventing and cure.  

Therefore, the importance of medical books has gone manifold. Every medical practitioner needs to study regularly and enhance and refresh their knowledge as new researches are conducted frequently in the field of medical science. West and South India have been important markets in India for publishers. However, in the recent times demand for medical books has been surfaced from the other parts of the country such as Eastern India.

We have been noticing demand for our online books spreading even to rural areas and remote places for medical students as well as practitioners.    

Meripustak has stretched its arms to help the medical practitioners and students all India and some countries abroad by bringing Medical Books Online to your doorsteps anywhere in the country. In addition, we have taken a stern step to check proliferation of counterfeit medical books and save the buyers from being cheated. All our medical books are 100% original.  Our scientific star ratings against each book help the buyers to select books in terms of popularity, written by renowned authors, published by well-known publishers with a good feedback on the quality and stock.

MeriPustak’s online medical books covers a wide spectrum of medical science and branches. 

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