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Artificial Intelligence Problems And Their Solutions by Kopec D, Mercury Learning And Information

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Kopec D
    PublisherMercury Learning And Information
    Publish YearApril 2014


    Mercury Learning And Information Artificial Intelligence Problems And Their Solutions by Kopec D

    This book lends insight into solving some well-known Al problems using the most efficient methods by humans and computers. The book discusses the importance of developing critical-thinking methods and skills, and develops a consistent approach toward each problem: a precise description of a well-known Al problem coupled with an effective graphical representation; discussion of possible approaches to solving each problem; identifying and presenting the best known human solution to each problem; evaluation and discussion of the Human Window aspects for the best solution; a playability site where students can exercise the process of developing their solutions, as well as "experiencing" the best solution; code or pseudo-code implementing the solution algorithm, and academic references for each problem. This book is intended as a companion to any course in computer science or mathematics where there are interesting problems to solve. Features: addresses Al problems well known to computer science and mathematics students from a number of perspectives; covers classic Al problems such as Twelve Coins, Red Donkey, Cryptarithms, Rubik's Cube, Missionaries/Cannibals, Knight's Tour, Monty Hall, and more; includes playability sites where students can exercise the process of developing their solutions; and, problem solving methods which may be applied to many problem situations.

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