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Coherence Truth And Testimony at Meripustak

Coherence Truth And Testimony by Ulrich Gahde , Stephan Hartmann , Springer

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Ulrich Gahde , Stephan Hartmann
    Publish YearOctober 2006


    Springer Coherence Truth And Testimony by Ulrich Gahde , Stephan Hartmann

    This book provides a comprehensive understanding of coherence, the controversy surrounding it, and its implications across the discipline of philosophy. Coverage first takes up the challenging and controversial task of measuring the coherence of an information set and then criticizes this endeavor. The book also relates this foundational research to a wide array of epistemological and metaphysical challenges. ULRICH GAEHDE and STEPHAN HARTMANN / Editorial PAUL THAGARD / Testimony, Credibility, and Explanatory Coherence TOMOJI SHOGENJI / The Role of Coherence of Evidence in the Non-Dynamic Model of Confirmation MARK SIEBEL / Against Probabilistic Measures of Coherence LUC BOVENS and STEPHAN HARTMANN / Why There Cannot Be a Single Probabilistic Measure of Coherence DAVID H. GLASS / Problems With Priors in Probabilistic Measures of Coherence ERIC J. OLSSON / The Impossibility of Coherence KEITH LEHRER / Coherence and the Truth Connection