More Details about Complications in Surgery 2nd Edition

General Information  
PublisherWolters Kluwer | Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
Publish YearMay 2011


Complications in Surgery, Second Edition offers authoritative recommendations for preventing and managing complications in all current general surgery procedures. The opening sections discuss institutional risk management issues and risks common to all operations, such as wound healing problems, infection, shock, and complications in immunosuppressed patients. Subsequent sections focus on complications of specific procedures in thoracic, vascular, gastric, endocrine, breast, and oncologic surgery, as well as organ transplantation and pediatric surgery. This edition includes new information on surgical quality assessment and patient safety and updated information in the organ-specific chapters.

Key Features:-

  • Improved art program, including better-quality diagnostic imaging
  • Increased emphasis on perioperative cardiac risk
  • Cover a new chapter on Adult Learning
  • Covers a new chapter on Patient Safety in the OR
  • Covers information on quality assessment in surgery
  • Edited and written by authorities, including many from the renowned programs at University of Michig