An authoritative textbook on construction management offering aclear model for understanding theoretical aspects. The construction industry has become a truly global network ofinterconnected stakeholders making demands which require theinvolvement of skilled workforces from all over the world.Construction Management Strategies sets thefoundations for understanding and managing construction sinherent complexity and uniqueness. It establishes cleardefinitions of commonly accepted terms like built environment,construction, civil engineering, etc. which are often givenconfusing and conflicting interpretations. It cuts through theplethora of overlapping role titles currently used in theconstruction sector that make it difficult to establish howprojects are actually managed.

Key Features:-

  • Offers a robust and consistent theoretical basis to explainthe performance of the main approaches to
  • Describes corporate and project management in construction asan integrated whole.
  • Provides the basic toolkit a student needs to think throughthe practical situations they will later
  • Helps bring the theory of construction management tointernational students who struggle to find a so
  • Includes a companion website featuring a wealth of directlytransferable examples for students, as we

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General Information  
Author(s)Milan Radosavljevic and Et Al
PublisherJohn Wiley
Publish YearMarch 2012