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Diagnosis In Chinese Medicine A Comprehensive Guide 2Nd Edition by Giovanni Maciocia, ELSEVIER

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Giovanni Maciocia
    Edition2nd Edition
    Publish YearMarch 2018


    ELSEVIER Diagnosis In Chinese Medicine A Comprehensive Guide 2Nd Edition by Giovanni Maciocia

    This major, new book is a complete, easily accessed and highly illustrated guide to diagnosis in Chinese Medicine. Emphasis is placed on "real world" issues and symptoms, and the text focuses on clear interpretations of signs and symptoms - the practice beyond the theory. Since Chinese medicine diagnosis relies on a subjective appraisal of the patient's symptoms and signs - which form a pattern - many factors beyond traditional Western symptoms are taken into consideration e.g. a patient's voice, the absence of thirst, feeling hot or cold, the patient's smell, tone of voice, glitter of eyes. Thus, Chinese diagnosis is based on a subtle appraisal of a patient's disharmony, which may not be a "disease" at all, and as such requires careful interpretation of a range of nuances. This book will help lead students and practitioners through basic on to sophisticated levels of diagnostic interpretation

    Key Features:- 

    One-of-a-kind text gives you a clinical understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
    Rich, unique content offers an unparalleled depth of information that is meticulously cross-referenced.
    Includes all the signs and symptoms that a modern patient may present in the clinic, no matter how subtle.
    Outlines the decision-making options in key situations to help you through the most challenging topics.
    Case histories with diagnoses present common conditions that professionals will often find in practice.
    Logically organized to help you quickly find the information you need in clinical situations.
    Written by a leader in the field of Chinese medicine provides you with an expert's clinical experience and understanding.

    Updated Information in this Edition:- 
    - NEW! Clinical and Treatments notes provide practical information on acupuncture - including herbal treatment, when appropriate - for most symptoms and signs, giving the book a clinical application in therapy.
    - NEW! UPDATED full-color design and color photographs depict external clinical signs for more accurate clinical recognition.
    - NEW! Learning outcomes summarize the basics that you should know after completing a chapter.
    - NEW! Thoroughly updated content from an expert author clarifies the best practices for diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    About the Author 
    By Giovanni Maciocia, CAc(Nanjing), Acupuncturist and Medical Herbalist, UK; Visiting Professor, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing, People's Republic of China.

    Table of Contents:- 

    Part I: Diagnosis by Observation 
    Section 1: Observation of the Body, Mind and Complexion
    1. Observation Of The Body Shape, Physique And Demeanor 
    2. Observation Of The Mind, Spirit And Emotion
    3. Observation Of The Complexion Color
    4. Observation Of Body Movements

    Section 2: Parts of the Body
    5. Observation Of Head, Face And Hair
    6. Observation Of The Eyes
    7. Observation Of The Nose
    8. Observation Of Lips, Mouth, Palate, Teeth, Gums And Philtrum
    9. Observation Of The Ears
    10. Observation Of Throat And Neck
    11. Observation Of The Back
    12. Observation Of Women’s Breasts
    13. Observation Of The Heartbeat
    14. Observation Of The Hands
    15. Observation Of The Nails
    16. Observation Of The Chest And Abdomen
    17. Observation Of Genitalia
    18. Observation Of The Four Limbs
    19. Observation Of The Legs
    20. Observation Of Excretions
    21. Observation Of The Skin
    22. Observation In Children

    Section 3: Tongue Diagnosis
    23. Tongue Diagnosis
    24. Tongue-Body Color
    25. Tongue Body Shape
    26. Tongue Coating
    27. Tongue Images And Patterns

    Part II: Diagnosis by Interrogation 
    28. Introduction
    29. Pain
    30. Food And Taste
    31. Stools And Urine
    32. Thirst And Drink
    33. Energy Levels
    34. Head
    35. Face
    36. Throat And Neck
    37. Body
    38. Chest And Abdomen
    39. Limbs
    40. Sleep
    41. Sweating
    42. Ears And Eyes
    43. Feeling Of Cold, Feeling Of Heat And Fever
    44. Mental-Emotional Symptoms
    45. Sexual Symptoms
    46. Women’s Symptoms
    47. Children’s Symptoms
    48. Diagnosing The Causes Of Disease

    Part III: Diagnosis by Palpation 
    49. Diagnosis by Palpation
    50. Pulse Qualities
    51. Palpation Of Parts Of The Body
    52. Palpation Of Channels

    Part IV: Diagnosis by Hearing and Smelling 
    53. Diagnosis By Hearing
    54. Diagnosis By Smelling

    Part V: Symptoms and Signs 
    Section 1: Symptoms and Signs of Parts of the Body
    55. Head And Face
    56. Face Color
    57. Ears
    58. Nose
    59. Throat
    60. Mouth, Tongue, Teeth, Gums, Lips, Palate And Philtrum
    61. Eyes
    62. Neck, Shoulders And Upper Back
    63. Chest
    64. Limbs
    65. Arms
    66. Legs
    67. Lower Back
    68. Body
    69. Digestive System And Taste
    70. Thirst And Drink
    71. Abdomen
    72. Defecation
    73. Urination
    74. Anus
    75. Men’s Sexual And Genital Symptoms
    76. Sweating
    77. Skin Signs
    78. Emotional Symptoms
    79. Mental And Emotional Symptoms
    80. Mental Difficulties
    81. Sleep
    82. Feeling Of Cold, Feeling Of Heat, Fever
    83. Voice, Speech And Sounds

    Section 2: Gynecological Symptoms and Signs
    84. Menstrual Symptoms
    85. Problems At Period Time
    86. Problems Of Pregnancy
    87. Problems After Childbirth
    88. Breast Signs
    89. Miscellaneous Gynecological Symptoms

    Section 3: Pediatric Symptoms and Signs
    90. Children’s Problems

    Part VI: Identification of Internal Organ Patterns 
    91. Heart
    92. Spleen
    93. Liver
    94. Lungs
    95. Kidneys
    96. Small Intestine
    97. Stomach
    98. Gall-Bladder
    99. Large Intestine
    100. Bladder

    Appendix 1: Case Histories
    Appendix 2: Prescriptions
    Appendix 3: History of Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

    Chinese Chronology 

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