All the Doppler applications for obstetrics and gynecology in one volume Support for all phases of study Ideal for all stages of continuing education Stepwise course instruction with complete curricular content (basic, clinical, advanced) All obstetric and gynecological applications Effective examination Specific uses of all relevant Doppler procedures Optimal settings, probe positioning, strategies for improved display, more. Overview of important diagnostic criteria presented in tabular form Over 400 figures showing all vascular applications, the course of examinations, probe position, anatomical sketches, and more. Information instantly to hand Clear arrangement and rapid orientation Logical chapter structure, tables showing diagnostic criteria, sample displays, application, more. Clinically oriented, focused on practice-related subjects; placental insufficiency, evaluation of obstetric risk, criteria for postterm pregnancy, and more.

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PublisherThieme Medical Publishers
Publish YearJanuary 2003