More Details about Employer's Rights Under Labour Laws

General Information  
Author(s)H L Kumar
PublisherUniversal Law Publishing an imprint of LexisNexis
Publish YearJanuary 2018


Before Indian Independence there was not much development in field of labour laws due to lesser number of industries and disputes between the employer and the employees. The laborers were largely exploited in numerous ways like no fixed working hours, no proper working environment, safety measures etc. Due to high influence of political parties whose vote bank was dependent upon the working class, made laws which restricted the employer’s rights. So it has now become essential to highlight and combine employer’s under labour laws. This seventh edition of Employer’s Rights under Labour Laws by H L Kumar has been duly updated and revised by inserting abundant material with appropriate cases and explanation to the same. Each chapter deals with a specific head and each head has been briefly explained leaving no room for ambiguities. The book will be of immense assistance for the employers to know their rights, particularly under labour laws while managing people at work and dealing with the labour laws related authorities.