English Exam Goalpost Paper I-II for CTET and Other TET Exam is the FIRST book of its kind in India for this exam. The book comes with detailed solution, not just answer key, for every question. It promotes self-evaluation by enabling aspirants to not only practice and revise concepts, but also keep track of their progress. This book allows aspirants to overcome their doubts and fears generally associated with the exam, expand their span of concentration in a single sitting, and hone their time management skills, thereby enabling them to answer questions within the given time frame.

About the Author
It is a team of experienced trainers and content developers, in their respective subjects, that have gone through the examination process themselves and have acquired proficiency and experience in their domains. The team believes in outcome that is research-oriented, to help the examinees take the best course of preparation unparalleled to any other entrance exam based book.


Section I: Solved Papers

1. September 2016 (I)

2. September 2016 (II)

3. February 2016 (I)

4. February 2016 (II)

5. September 2015 (I)

6. September 2015 (II)

7. February 2015 (I)

8. February 2015 (II)

9. September 2014 (I)

10. September 2014 (II)

11. February 2014 (I)

12. February 2014 (II)

13. July 2013 (I)

14. July 2013 (II)

15. November (M) 2012 (I)

16. November (M) 2012 (II)

17. November 2012 (I)

18. November 2012 (II)

19. January 2012 (I

20. January 2012 (II)

21. June 2011 (I)

22. June 2011 (II)

Answers & Explanations

Section II: Chapters (English)

1. Chapter 01: Reading Comprehension and Grammar

(Answers & Explanations)

2. Chapter 02: Learning and Acquisition

(Answers & Explanations)

3. Chapter 03: Principles of Language Teaching

(Answers & Explanations)

4. Chapter 04: Role of Listening and Speaking

(Answers & Explanations)

5. Chapter 05: Critical Perspective on the Role of

Grammar in Learning a Language (Answers & Explanations)

6. Chapter 06: Challenges of Teaching Language in a

Diverse Classroom (Answers & Explanations)

7. Chapter 07: Language Skills

(Answers & Explanations)

8. Chapter 08: Evaluating Language Comprehension and Proficiency

(Answers & Explanations)

9. Chapter 09: Teaching Learning Materials

(Answers & Explanations)

10. Chapter 10: Remedial Teaching

(Answers & Explanations)

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Author(s)DT Editorial Services
PublisherWiley India
Publish YearNovember 2018