The dominance of insects amongst all living organisms on earth, coupled with infinite wealth of knowledge so important for our own existence, is a fundamental scientific fact which is yet to be widely acknowledged. This dominance means that in numbers of species beyond our comprehension these animals permeate diverse and essential natural processes in Earth's terrestrial, aerial and freshwater ecosystems, contributing to the function of the natural world as a self-sustaining biological system. Invariably insects are an integral and complex part of the terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems with which the future of humans is inextricably linked. Insects have ultimately achieved a formidable diversity. Generally, insects are beneficial organisms, however, many of them are important pests and/or vectors to a large number of parasites and other microbial pathogens to both human being, his associates and the plants. The burden caused by their infestation or infection run up to several million-zillion rupees annually. Therefore, knowledge about extreme biodiversity and ecological relationships of these animals is a practical necessity: in the man's own interest to sustain the species. Packed with original 25 original articles/reviews, this book on 'Entomology: Ecology and Biodiversity' offers an invaluable opportunity to comprehend more deeply about our most intimate allies - the insects! The book truly establishes a foundation in basic entomology through varied and diverse treatment to entomology, while focusing on specialized topics in insect ecology and biodiversity, forensic and medical entomology.

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Author(s)Tyagi B K
PublisherScientific Publishers
Edition1st Edition
Publish YearJanuary 2011