This book is a comprehensive review of the instrumental analytical methods and their use in environmental monitoring site assessment and remediation follow-up operations. The increased concern about environmental issues such as water pollution, air pollution, accumulation of pollutants in food, global climate change, and effective remediation processes necessitate the precise determination of various types of chemicals in environmental samples. In general, all stages of environmental work start with the evaluation of organic and inorganic environmental samples. This important book furnishes the fundamentals of instrumental chemical analysis methods to various environmental applications and also covers recent developments in instrumental chemical methods.

Key Features:-

  • Presents an introduction to environmental chemistry
  • Presents the fundamentals of instrumental chemical analysis methods that are used mostly in the envi
  • Examines instrumental methods of analysis including UV/Vis, FTIR, atomic absorption, induced coupled
  • Presents newly introduced chromatographic methodologies such as ion electrophoresis, and combination
  • Discusses selected methods for the determinations of various pollutants in water, air, and land

More Details about Environmental Applications Of Instrumental Chemical Analysis

General Information  
Author(s)Barbooti M
PublisherTaylor & Francis Exclusive(Cbs)
Publish YearMay 2015