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Exploring Biology Volume 1 For Medical Entrance Examinations at Meripustak

Exploring Biology Volume 1 For Medical Entrance Examinations by Sanjay Sharma and Sudhakar Banarjee, Arihant Publications

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General Information  
Author(s)Sanjay Sharma and Sudhakar Banarjee
PublisherArihant Publications
Publish YearApril 2015


Arihant Publications Exploring Biology Volume 1 For Medical Entrance Examinations by Sanjay Sharma and Sudhakar Banarjee

Popular medical entrances likes CBSE AIPMT, BVP Medical, VMMC PMT and various other national & regional medical entrances demand thorough knowledge of the concepts covered under the syllabi of the examinations. To help aspirants master the concepts of Biology, Arihant has come up with the revised edition of Exploring Biology Volume 1 (covering syllabi of Class XI Biology). The book contains the best available collection of objective questions and has been designed to work as a self study guide for Biology for CBSE AIPMT and all other national & regional medical entrance examinations. The present book is the only book based on the Class XI Biology syllabus to help aspirants prepare for the competitions along with their school studies. The book has been divided into 42 chapters namely Nature & Scope of Biology, The Living World, Biological Classification, Viruses, Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Classification of Animals, Phylum-Protozoa, Phylum-Porifera, The Radiate Phyla, Phylum-Plantyhelminthes, Phylum-Aschelminthes, Phylum-Annelida, Phylum-Arthopoda, Phylum-Mollusca, Phylum-Echinodermata, Phylum-Chordata I, Phylum-Chordata II, Phylum-Chordata III, Morphology of Flowering Plants, Anatomy of Flowering Plants, Animal Tissues, Structural Organisation in Some Animals, Tools & Techniques, Cell: the Unit of Life, Chromosomes, Cell Cycle & Cell Division, Biomolecules & Enzymes, Transport in Plants, Mineral Nutrition, Photosynthesis in Higher Plants, Respiration in Plants, Plant Growth & Development, Digestion & Absorption, Breathing & Exchange of Gases, Body Fluids & Circulation, Excretory Products & Their Elimination, Movement & Locomotion, Neutral Control & Coordination and Chemical Coordination & Integration, each sub-divided into number of topics. The ample collection of questions covered in the book have been designed to make different concepts clear and at the same time ensure their application for solving different types of problems. Each chapter in the book has intext exercises for dynamic progress check, plenty of diagrams, figures, tables and graphs to make the point clear filled with Quick Digest and Info Capsule. At the end of each chapter different types of practice exercises (MCQs with Single Correct, Matching Types, Fillers, True-False, Assertion-Reason, Diagram based questions, etc) are provided with answers and hints & explanations. Each chapter also contains a collection of questions asked in different national and regional medical entrances. As the book contains ample number of questions which can be asked in the upcoming medical entrances as well as previous years’ medical entrance examinations, it for sure will act as the best book to master the concepts of Class XI Biology curriculum and also the skills required to tackle the questions asked in different formats in medical entrances.

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