More Details about Fault Diagnosis And Fault Tolerant Control Strategies For Non Linear Systems

General Information  
Author(s)WITCZAK Z J
Publish YearDecember 2013


This book presents selected fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control strategies for non-linear systems in a unified framework. In particular, starting from advanced state estimation strategies up to modern soft computing, the discrete-time description of the system is employed Part I of the book presents original research results regarding state estimation and neural networks for robust fault diagnosis. Part II is devoted to the presentation of integrated fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant systems. It starts with a general fault-tolerant control framework, which is then extended by introducing robustness with respect to various uncertainties. Finally, it is shown how to implement the proposed framework for fuzzy systems described by the well-known Takagi-Sugeno models. This research monograph is intended for researchers, engineers, and advanced postgraduate students in control and electrical engineering, computer science, as well as mechanical and chemical engineering.