More Details about Financial Reporting Audit and Auditors as per Companies Act 2013 Including what has changed moving from the Companies Act 1956 to the Companies Act 2013

General Information  
Author(s)CA Sarika Gosain and CA Rajesh Gosain
PublisherCCH India
Publish YearDecember 2013


With the enactment of the Companies Act, 2013 (‘the Act 2013’), Financial Reporting is the area which gets largely impacted for any corporate in India. Consequently, the audit requirements also get influenced significantly. Therefore, the Act 2013 brings in complete revamping of the way current financial reporting and audit practices are currently perceived, with the introduction of stringent compliance and disclosure norms, both for the corporates and the auditors. This book contains detailed provisions with respect to the financial reporting and audit requirements for the companies operating in India, as per the revised provisions of the Act 2013, together with the corresponding provisions of the Companies Act 1956 (‘the Act 1956’). All the relevant draft Rules and Forms, issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, also incorporated for all the topics covered under this book.

Key Features:-

  • Discussion on the implementation strategy of the Act, 2013 and underlying Rules
  • Analysis of the new legislation for Accounts, Reporting and Filing requirements
  • Detailed discussion on all the types of audit and other related provisions
  •  References to provisions of SEBI Act and its regulations
  • Announcements and clarifications issued by ICAI, IFRS 
  • Draft Rules issued by the MCA along with the relevant legislation