More Details about Fundamentals of Oral Histology and Physiology

General Information  
PublisherJohn Wiley
Publish YearJanuary 2014


Fundamentals of Oral Histology and Physiology is a landmark new text streamlining the essentials of histology and physiology into one clinically accessible textbook. Written for predoctoral dental students, the book brings together structure, function, and clinical correlations for maximum retention and ease of use. Assuming a background in basic biologic sciences, this text focuses on the histology and physiology that students need to know to practice dentistry and to understand and evaluate the current literature, without repeating basic information learned in other courses. Fundamentals of Oral Histology and Physiology concentrates on Oral Structures and Features, including Development, Teeth, Tooth and Jaw Support, Mucosal Structure and Function, and Effectors.

Key Features:-

  • Integrates normal histology and physiology enabling students to understand key concepts and their ap
  • Brief summaries at key points in the text that highlight significant information and concepts
  • A comprehensive glossary that defines important terms for each chapter
  • Contains high quality photomicrographs, drawings, charts, and tables illustrating fundamental concep
  • Incorporates clinical correlations for common diseases and conditions
  • Includes case studies in several chapters