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Handbook For Metaverse Development by Ignacja Gniewek , Academiq

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Ignacja Gniewek
    Publish YearDecember 2023


    Academiq Handbook For Metaverse Development by Ignacja Gniewek

    A thought-provoking view of the evolving crossroads of technology, society, humanity, and creativity – this book is a must for any creator or company embarking on a journey to the new frontier of the Metaverse. A new world shaped by individuals and inspired by incredible social experiences is still in its infancy.This book will not only capture our moments but will shape our future together. This book feels like a rare achievement-a definitive statement of new phenomena that can shape the experience of the digital world, the world economy, and human consciousness itself.Will the Metaverse replace the internet? Will it burn like a bright firecracker?In unambiguous and clear text, Ball acts as a Sherpa, helping readers decipher both previous hype and potential seismic changes. Take an extended tour of the “Next Internet”. Many proto-metaverses are already here, including Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, etc.Yet this offers only a glimpse of what is to come. Ball presents a comprehensive definition of the Metaverse before explaining the technologies that will power it—and the breakthroughs necessary to fully realize it.This addresses the governance challenges the Metaverse entails; investigates the role of Web3, blockchains, and NFTs; and predicts Metaverse winners and losers. Most importantly, it examines many of the Metaverse’s almost unlimited applications.The internet will no longer be at arm’s length; instead, it will surround us, with much of our lives, labor, and leisure inside the Metaverse. Bringing clarity and authority too often misunderstood concepts predicts trillions of dollars in new values and fundamental societal changes.The potential of virtual world technology to enhance education and learning has been recognized in recent years, and virtual environments are impacting student learning and collaboration performance, creating new opportunities in the education and learning process.A better way to understand this new world of learning is by exploring the possibilities of new social organizations using avatars in the virtual world. This reference book explores platforms such as Web 3D, Metaverse, MDV3D, ECODI, hybrid life, and shared space, gaming, substitute reality, mixed reality, augmented reality, and assesses their potential implementation in education and science. Encourage people, educators, students, researchers, players, and experts.

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