More Details about INDIAN LAW OF MARRIAGE & DIVORCE 9th Edition

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PublisherLexis Nexis
Publish YearJanuary 2013


The book is a comprehensive commentary on personal laws of India relating to marriage and divorce. The 10 parts of the book analyse the statutory law and relevant customary law. Some of the key features of the book are: • It contains specific analysis of marriage and divorce under the Hindu, Muslim, Parsi, Christian and Jewish Laws • Provisions under Special Marriage Act and Foreign Marriages Act are also covered • General principles relating to marriage and divorce like ‘Offences Relating To Marriage’, ‘Alimony And Maintenance’, ‘Custody Of Children’, ‘Significance Of Proceedings In Camera’, etc. are covered in a separate part • The book provides practical guidance on interpretation and application of the law • Addresses new topics like, ‘Dissolution of a marriage through Khap panchayat and its validity/invalidity’, ‘Status of partner in a live in relationship’, ‘irretrievable break down of marriage as a ground for divorce’, ‘Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill 2010’ etc. • Critically analyses the developments in the field