More Details about Indian Society: Civil Services Examination 2019

General Information  
Author(s) NEXT IAS Team (Author), Made Easy Editorial Board
PublisherMade Easy Publication
Publish YearJuly 2018


Every UPSC aspirant has a basic understanding of Indian society, yet most of them find it difficult to score marks in this area due to generalist nature of the topics and absence of reliable resource material. To cut down on the struggle, this book has been written with a clear understanding of UPSC Mains examination and pattern of questions being asked.

It is a concise handbook with the sole purpose of enriching the understanding of students in such general topics and to help them answer in complete relevance to the questions being asked. Every dimension of Indian society under the syllabus has been dealt in this book along with emerging trends of changing society, its associated problems, advantages and comprehensive analysis. 

To ensure extra marks for the reader, sincere efforts have been made to add relevant case studies, contemporary examples, policies and programmed of government, various judgements and legislations, thereby making it a complete solution for Indian Society topic.