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Introduction To Engineering Materials by AGARWAL, McGraw Hill

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  • General Information  
    PublisherMcGraw Hill
    Publish YearJanuary 2008


    McGraw Hill Introduction To Engineering Materials by AGARWAL

    This book has been specially written to cater to teh needs of students of various diploma and engineering courses. Engineering materials or materials science, is a compulsory course for all engineering students.The present book has been written in a very simple language, easily understandable by students whose mother tongue is not English. Most of the technical concepts have been explained with the help of a large number of schematic diagrams, engineering curves, tables and microphotographs. The approach of the subject is illustrative, informative and demonstrative. 0 One of the striking features of the text is that it gives procedures, standards and specifications for materials and their testing according to the indian conditions and practice. 0 The book covers details of composition, microstructures, properties and engineering applications for materials and also newly developed materials such as composites. Important heat treatment terms and paramters such as hardenability, tempering, stress, relieving, case-hardening and grain size have been well illustrated with the help of suitable examples. 0 A large number of questions and problems have been given at the end of each chapter. Many references have been suggested for detailed reading.For the benefit of students and for persons working in industry, several appendices have been given at the end of the book which are not available even in handbooks.