Written for programmers with a background in high-level language programming, this book applies the Deitel signature live-code approach to teaching programming and explores the Java&trade language and Java&trade APIs in depth. The book presents¿ concepts in the context of fully tested programs, complete with syntax shading, code highlighting, line-by-line code walkthroughs and program outputs. The book features hundreds of complete Java&trade programs with thousands of lines of proven Java&trade code, and hundreds of tips that will help you build robust applications.Start with an introduction to Java&trade using an early classes and objects approach, then rapidly move on to more advanced topics, including GUI, graphics, exception handling, lambdas, streams, functional interfaces, object serialization, concurrency, generics, generic collections, JDBC&trade and more. You'll enjoy the Deitels' classic treatment of object-oriented programming and the object-oriented design ATM case study, including a complete Java&trade implementation. When you're finished, you'll have everything you need to build industrial-strength object-oriented Java&trade SE 7 and SE 8 (Java 8) applications. Salient Features • A comprehensive tutorial to the Java programming language, for programmers who are new to Java • Uses the Deitels' signature "live code" style, where every programming concept is explored in the context of a complete working program, not a code fragment • Covers everything from the basics to advanced topics such as multithreading, as well as all the new features in Java SE 8

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General Information  
Author(s)Paul J Deitel and Harvey M Deitel
Edition3rd Edition
Publish YearJanuary 2014