More Details about Master Your Biology Volume I

General Information  
Author(s)Aman Biswas and Subroto Biswas
PublisherMcGraw Hill
Edition1st Edition
Publish YearApril 2017


The volumes I is meant for the aspirants of medical entrance examination studying in class XI. (Volume II is for class XII)The text materials are exclusively to study in elaborations for competitive examinations like AIMS, NEET, JIPMER and AFMC apart from other all India examinations.Since NCERT books are limited in content and more of an expanded outline of the subject, the present volumes fit into the niche to cater the students need to study in detail, have thorough understanding of the topics, view the real images provided in coloured forms.The present text books (both volumes) additionally would help the students to revise and prepare for board examination, entrance to BSc, MSc, Biology Olympiad examination and UGC NET (syllabus is similar to the one given at their website) and JAM.The books are learner oriented with subject and objective questions 

Salient Features:-
1. As per the CBSE/NCERT Syllabus
2. Covers the class XI syllabus according to the latest NEET pattern
3. Concepts are explained in a well-structured and lucid manner, using simple language
4. The style of writing used is instructional, so that the students can study on their own at their own pace. 
5. Chapter starts with a “Chapter Outline” (mentions all the topics that will be covered in the chapter)
6. Key words are highlighted in bold in the text
7. Yellow highlighted color in the text signifies “What is important in the topic” (these are also answers to some of the questions given in the exercise)
8. Right use of colors in a fully colored text book
9. Self Explanatory diagrams (diagrams are given with ample number of call outs)
10. Graphical and Pictorial representation of the text in done in the form of BRAIN MAPPING CHARTS that help in remembering the information and concept easily
11. The theory part covers all the latest findings/developments in the form of PANORAMA (info is till Dec 2016: eg: Discovery of Antibiotics)
12. BIOSCOPE: mentions information that is specifically relevant for those preparing for competition exams
13. Appendix Containing the answers to all the questions
14. 3 Model test papers at the end of the book

Unit I  Diversity In The Living World 
Unit Ii  Structural Organisation In Plants And Animals 
Unit Iii  Cell : Structure And Functions
Unit Iv   Plant Physiology
Unit V   Human Physiology