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Nutrition And Dietetics 2021 Edition by Shubhangini A Joshi, McGraw Hill

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Shubhangini A Joshi
    PublisherMcGraw Hill
    Edition5th Edition
    Publish YearJuly 2021


    McGraw Hill Nutrition And Dietetics 2021 Edition by Shubhangini A Joshi

    Now in its fifth edition, Nutrition and Dietetics continues to be the leading textbook, focused on fundamentals of the subject—Role of Nutrients, Balanced Diet, Diet Therapy for Cardiovascular, Kidney, and Liver Diseases; Food Safety Measures. The text has been substantially revised to include RDA 2020, EAR 2020, importance of oral health in nutrition, newer concepts about food and diet patterns including paleo, keto diets, and diets for combating COVID-19. Designed primarily for branches of the undergraduate program in Home Science and allied disciplines, as well as students of nursing and paramedical courses, those pursuing various branches of catering technology and hospitality management, and coaches in the field of sports, etc., this book will also be useful for practicing doctorsKey features• Simple & lucid explanation of all topics interspersed with Indian case-studies and enriched pedagogy• New section on—importance of oral health in nutrition, diets for thyroid problems, PCOD, GERD, psychological disorders, and cancers, enable students understand the health and nutritional problems associated with this disease as well as the strategies for treatment• The Appendices and Glossary serve as ready reckoners for readers and make it a valuable reference guide • Pedagogy includeso 10 Appendices on Statistics and Guidelines like RDA Exchange List, Standard weights, and measures, ICMR Data on Sports Nutrition, Statistical Data on Malnutritiono 250+ figures and tableso 175+ Review Questionso 100+ Objective-Type QuestionsTable of Contents : - Section 1 Nutrition1. Introduction to Nutrition and Dietetics2. Food and Our Body 3. Role of Nutrients 4. Menu Planning and Meal Preparation 5. Balanced Diet and Nutrition During Normal Life Cycle 6. Nutrition for Fitness and Sports Section 2 Diet Therapy7. Therapeutic Diets and Effective Nutritional Counselling 8. Diet During Energy Imbalance—High- and Low-Calorie Diets 9. Diet for Diabetes Mellitus 10. Diet for Cardiovascular Diseases 11. Diet for Kidney Diseases 12. Diet for Gastrointestinal Diseases (Stomach and Intestines) 13. Diet for Liver Diseases 14. Diet for Infections and Fevers 15. Nutrition in HIV and Aids 16. Diet in other Health Conditions Section 3 Malnutrition and Assessment of Nutritional Status17. Assessment of Nutritional Status 18. Malnutrition and Nutrition Programmes Section 4 Food Commodities and Safety19. Basic Food Commodities and Effect of Processing on Nutrients 20. Microorganisms and Their Applications in Foods 21. Safety of Foods Section 5 AppendicesAppendix I Registered Dietitian ExaminationPaper I—Sample Questions (Physiology,Microbiology, and Biochemistry) Appendix Ii Registered Dietitian ExaminationPaper II—Sample Questions (Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Service Management) Appendix Iii Summary of EAR for Indians – 2020 (Macronutrients & Minerals) Appendix Iv Normal Height, Weight and Overweight Underweight Limits for Indian (Males + Females) Appendix V Exchange Lists Appendix Vi Fibre Content of Foods (% Fibre/100 g of edible portion) Appendix Vi A Fibre Content of Foods (% Fibre/100 g of edible portion) Appendix Vii Standard Weights and Measures Appendix Viii Weight for Height for age Appendix Ix Icmr Data on Sports Nutrition Appendix X Nutritive Value of Some Indian Food Commodities Cereals and Products Appendix Xi Statistical Data on Malnutrition Appendix Xii Normal Values for Blood and Urine Appendix Xiii Non-Nutrient Components of Foods and Their Significance Appendix XIV Healthy Recipes Index Glossary (Available online)Bibliography (Available online).