More Details about Ornamental Plants For Gardening (Paperback)

General Information  
Author(s)Chopra V L
PublisherScientific Publishers
Edition1st Edition
Publish YearJanuary 2016


Across civilizations and over the ages, attractive plant variation has been assembled and organised into gardens for aesthetics and recreation. In India, interest in gardening has increased progressively, particularly among the ‘home gardeners’.In 14 chapters, ‘Ornamental Plants for Gardening’ documents the myriad variation available in diverse categories of ornamentals plants (annuals; roses; chrysanthemums; tuberose; bulbous plants; shrubs & climbers; cactus & succulents; hedges, edges, topiary & bonsai; and turf grass) for enhancing the attractiveness of both small and large gardens. Theoretical and practical guidance is provided about varieties; soil bed preparation; cultural practices; irrigation; fertilization; disease, pest and weed control; preservation of seeds & other forms of propagation units.Each chapter has been authored by expert/s in the relevant area and bears the seal of authenticity. It is our hope that the book will meet the information requirements of the academic community, students and all those interested in practical gardening.