More Details about Partial Differential Equations: A Unified Hilbert Space Approach

General Information  
Publish YearJune 2011


This book presents a systematic approach to a solution theory for linear partial differential equations developed in a Hilbert space setting based on a Sobolev lattice structure, a simple extension of the well-established notion of a chain (or scale) of Hilbert spaces. The focus on a Hilbert space setting (rather than on an apparently more general Banach space) is not a severe constraint, but rather a highly adaptable and suitable approach providing a more transparent framework for presenting the main issues in the development of a solution theory for partial differential equations. In contrast to other texts on partial differential equations, which consider either specific equation types or apply a collection of tools for solving a variety of equations, this book takes a more global point of view by focusing on the issues involved in determining the appropriate functional analytic setting in which a solution theory can be naturally developed. Appli.