More Details about Paruck Indian Succession Act 1925

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PublisherLexis Nexis
BindingHard Cover
Publish YearJanuary 2011


This latest edition of the most respected titles on the Indian Succession Act explains and examines in detail the provisions of the statute itself as well as the effects of all major Amendment Acts – in particular the consequences of the Amending Act No.26 of 2002. The commentary for this edition has been logically and effectively integrated with the original commentary. Exclusive Features Extensive discussion on selective discrimination resulting from Amendment Act 26 of 2002 and its effect This edition examines the recognition given to relationships not governed by formal matrimonial ties and the legal consequences of such relationships especially in the context of property rights Discusses unresolved issues such as the need for incorporating the rules of private international law to the law of succession in India Contains maximum case law, new topics & headings and English case law Detailed discussion and critical analysis on latest landmark judgments on the Law of Succession Examination of the provision regarding revocation of wills on the marriage of the testator Extensive discussion on the application of Article 137 of the Limitation Act to probate cases Comprehensive coverage of the law laid down by the Supreme Court