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Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry 1st Edition by Riya Mathur Dr Rehan Uddin , IP Innovative Publication Pvt Ltd

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Riya Mathur Dr Rehan Uddin
    PublisherIP Innovative Publication Pvt Ltd
    Edition1st Edition
    Publish YearSeptember 2023


    IP Innovative Publication Pvt Ltd Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry 1st Edition by Riya Mathur Dr Rehan Uddin

    Inorganic chemistry is the study of all the elements and their compounds except carbon and its compounds (which is studied under organic chemistry). Inorganic chemistry describes the characteristics of substances such as nonliving matter and minerals which are found in the earth except the class of organic compounds. The distinction between the organic and inorganic are not absolute, and there is much overlap, especially in the organometallic chemistry, which has applications in every aspect of the pharmacy, chemical industry–including catalysis in drug synthesis, pigments, surfactants and agriculture. In short, Inorganic chemistry is the branch of chemistry that deals with inorganic compounds. In other words, it is the chemistry of compounds that do not contain hydrocarbon radicals. The five sections of this book are further broken down into chapters. The beginning of this book assumes a familiarity with inorganic chemistry. Find some significant questions and objective questions at the conclusion of each chapter. These questions also contained ones from the previous year, which will be useful for test preparation. This book provides students with comprehensive understanding of inorganic chemistry.

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