More Details about Practical Histology Workbook 2nd Edition

General Information  
Author(s)Krishna Garg and Shilpa Garg
Edition2nd Edition
Publish YearNovember 2016


It is the thoroughly revised edition of the popular workbook aimed at enhancing the learning process of the undergraduate medical students, and also to make histology practicals easy. The Workbook now presents a large number of features that will make this an extremely useful book for the students as well as the teachers. All the diagrams of histology have now been rendered in full color to help the student understand the microscopic structures, identify the tissues, and draw the illustrations in the practical class with clarity and ease. Cell structures have been further improved to bring in anatomic clarity; fresh labelling has been introduced. The brief descriptions have been thoroughly revised and modified to eliminate any conceptual errors. The student has to understand the theoretical points and diagrams given on the left-hand side pages, in addition to the knowledge acquired from Textbook of Histology and class lectures. Another important source of information is the stained histological slide under the microscope as the “Eye sees what the brain knows.” Now equipped with this knowledge, coloured figures are to be drawn and labelled in the spaces provided on the right-hand side pages. These figures are to be supplemented by 3 points of identification.

About Author:-
Krishna Garg is ex-Professor and Head, Department of Anatomy, Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi. She has edited and revised 4th–7th editions of the popular BD Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy and brought out Practical Anatomy Workbook. She is editor of BDC Handbook of General Anatomy and BDC Human Embryology. She is coauthor of Textbook of Histology, Textbook of Neuroanatomy and Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses with Clinical Importance. Shilpa Garg completed her training at Carraway Methodist Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. She is currently working at Wilmington Veterans Affair Hospital, Delaware, USA. She has an aptitude for learning and teaching.